About Me

About Us Baubelle

As a woman who values the gift of jewelry as the most meaningful way to honor a connection with someone special, I wanted to create a collection that spoke clearly to every aspect that makes such a gift so powerful. It was my family that inspired me to create this collection, specifically because many of the women in my life are unable to wear fashion jewelry because of sensitivities to the lower quality metals that are often used. After being given so many wonderful pieces of jewelry from loved ones that I just couldn’t wear due to their causing allergic skin reactions, I wanted to create jewelry of a superior quality. I wanted give more women the opportunity to wear fine quality fashion jewelry without the fine jewelry price.

For such a special gift, I wanted to design a gift box that would immediately create a sense of occasion. Every bangle bracelet comes in a turquoise and gold jewelry box, with a sliding drawer to keep their treasure in forever. It was important to me for the gift box to reflect the high quality of the jewelry inside so that when your loved one opens up her present, she really will feel extra special. With glimmering gold surrounded by bright turquoise, it’s exiting as it is beautiful, creating the perfect trimming to a gift that can be enjoyed for many years to come.

When I was creating the logo I decided upon the symbol of the butterfly, created from two hearts, wrapped by an infinity symbol. Bound in gold, I wanted Baubelle jewelry to speak to women in a way that was beautiful, delicate and strong at the same time. With the emblem on top of our box, it stands to withhold a love that will last forever, constantly transforming, yet remaining beautiful and everlasting at its core. My mission is for Baubelle jewelry to be worn with love, every day, to make women all over the world feel unique, empowered, special and adored.

Sarah Evren
Founder and Designer