The I Love You To The Moon and Back Collection

The I Love You To The Moon And Back Collection

This collection encapsulates everlasting love. A delicate band that wraps around the neck of your loved one - whether she be family, a friend or lover - allowing her to wear your affection everyday. In fine plating you can choose from 18 karat gold, 925 silver or 18 karat rose-gold. With pendants that read ‘I love you’ and ‘to the moon and back,’ every design carries a message that both fills the wearer with love and simultaneously shares it with the world around her.

Carrying the unique Baubelle butterfly design, she can carry all that the symbol represents with her into her daily life. May she be surrounded by infinite love and beauty, reflecting her unique quality in all that she does.

With the I Love You to The Moon and Back collection you can share a never-ending orbit of affection that can only make a girl feel special and loved.

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